ATTENTION Instructors – Cake Fest 2016

ATTENTION Instructors – Cake Fest 2016


Who will be in our line up in next year’s show!!?? Want to become a member of the Freak Show at Cake Fest 2016? Here’s how!

Send us an email at with the following information:

1. A short bio about yourself
2. Up to 3 class/demo proposals including your min/max students, length of class/demo, price, techniques taught and medium used.

*Deadline for class proposal will be posted on the website and Facebook in the near future. All instructors will be notified ASAP.

*emailed proposals does not guarantee a spot as an instructor for Cake Fest 2016.

STUDENTS!!!! Let your opinions be heard! What do you want to learn at Cake Fest 2016?

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